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2014 Monitor Camp


On the 21st and 22nd of March, our group of monitors on probation were invited to attend a camp, set up in order to outline the responsibilities which being a monitor entails. Throughout the camp, different types of activities were planned out. Each activity brought to mind a useful characteristic which would be ideal for the self, for future reference, and obviously for the post of a monitor.

In all we were fourteen students and four teachers. We started off by setting rules for ourselves, rules which we believe are necessary for monitors to abide by. By doing this, we set a bench mark for ourselves, and came up with regulations which are hopefully adhered to. After, we had a few brain teasers, in which we worked in groups to solve. Soon after, we learnt that group work entails listening to others, adjusting to the situation and giving a chance to others to express themselves. This activity revolved around being stranded in a desert after a plane crash, and ranking chosen objects depending on their utility. Through other small activities we learnt how important listening and communicating properly amongst ourselves is, not only for being a monitor, but even in other situations. Since as monitors we now have to take decisions dealing with fellow students, we learnt about different leadership qualities, and how at times different tactics or styles should be used. For example there are times when we should be “laissez-faire”, and not make a big deal about the situation, or there are times when we should take on the role of a “dictator”, to handle a situation there and then. During the camp, we realised how significant working as a team really is. Throughout the activities, on our own accord, we all grouped up with friends we never really stay with or talk to under usual circumstances. Personally, I made it a point to work with different people during each activity. In this way, I got to know the others much better, and even whilst having short breaks between activities, we all stayed together, forming small games in which we got to talk more about ourselves. During a particular activity I became aware that teamwork made everything much easier and much more fun.

In the end, the camp made me look forward to being a monitor, and collaborating with others.

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