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Philippe Villiers De L`Isle Adam: 1521-1534

The Grandmasters of the Order of St.John in Malta

Pietro Del Ponte

Didier De Saint Jaille

Juan D'Omedes

Claude De La Sengle

Jean Parisot De La Vallette

Alof De Wignacourt

Martin De Redin

Antonio Manoel De Vilhena

Ferdinand Von Hompesch
Coat Of ArmAt the time of the giving away of our islands to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the Grandmaster was Philippe Villiers De L`Isle Adam, a Frenchman from the "Langue" of France. Leaving Syracuse with his knights, he arrivedL`Isle Adamin Malta on the morning of the 26th October 1530 and soon set the Seat of the Convent (the headquarters of the Order) at "Birgu". His first task was to fortify "Birgu", which he enclosed within a wall and flanked by a small bastion to secure it against any attack. He also built a palace, which continued to be the residence of his successors until the time of La Vallette. He died at Rabat on the 22nd of August 1534, and was buried in the chapel of Fort St. Angelo.