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The "Young Historians"

This International Schools Cyberfair'99 Project about the Knights of Malta (the Order of St. John) was done by us students of Grade 7 students (our Grade 7 corresponds to Grade 5 in the U.S.) of San Andrea School during the scholastic year 1998-1999. In our school we have two Grade 7 classes: Grade 7.1 and Grade 7.2. In all we are forty-one Grade 7 students, wth our ages vrying between ten and eleven years old. Our History Teacher, Mr. Stephen Briffa, divided each class into four groups so that then, each of the eight groups chose one of the eight topics to do research on. For more information about our project refer to the Project Narrative.

Grade 7.1

Group 1

Research Topic :
"The Eight-Pointed Cross"

1. Nicola Lapira (Leader)
2. Maria Muscat
3. Analise Scerri
4. Charlotte Cuschieri
5. Carrie Camilleri

Group 2

Research Topic :
"The Grandmasters of the Order of St. John in Malta"

1. Justine Buttigieg (Leader)
2. Sarah Micallef
3. Rebekah D'Agata
4. Francesca Vella
5. Christine Bonnici

Group 3

Research Topic :
"The Order of St. John Today"

1. Edward Bonello (Leader)
2. Jeremy Gingell
3. Jacques Lateo
4. Matthew Scowen
5. Adam Cini

Group 4

Research Topic :
"The Forts around the Grand Harbour"

1. Thomas Vella (Leader)
2. Nigel Zarb
3. Andrew Camilleri
4. Luke Anastasi
5. Daniell Alessandro
6. Jean Paul Gauci


Grade 7.2

Group 1

Research Topic :
"Dragut's attck on Gozo of 1551"

1. Stephanie Meli (Leader)
2. Christina Lejman
3. Louise Agius
4. Carly Scerri
5. Bianca Darmanin

Group 2

Research Topic :
"The building of Valletta"

1. Andrew Galea (Leader)
2. Elissa Wallbank
3. Nadya Papagiorcopulo
4. Elaine Falzon
5. Luke Mc Harg

Group 3

Research Topic :
"The Origins of the Order"

1. Ben Camilleri (Leader)
2. Glenn Abela
3. Andrew Forace
4. Kyle Scerri
5. Matthew Caruana

Group 4

Research Topic :
"The Great Siege of 1565"

1. Jake Schembri (Leader)
2. Keith Briffa
3. Carl Xuereb
4. Jean Marc Galea
5. Steven Mercieca