The Roman Villa at Ramla il-Hamra
This was called a 'villa' because it was found outside the city.  This villa is of the residential type since there was no evidence associated with the production of olive oil as at Ta' Kaccatura.
It is known as one of the most luxurious villas in Malta and it is perhaps one of the least known Roman sites in the Maltese Islands.  This is because the site was excavated by Sir Temi Zammit between 1910 and 1911 and was soon covered again with the sand so as not to get eroded with the seawater.

About 19 rooms were discovered since the other portions of it, like the main entrance, were built on clay and so did not survive.  This villa was decorated with marble veneering of different colours.  Several pieces of sculpture were discovered  including one which must have been  intended to support an architectural element in one of the rooms. It represents a nude young Satyr with pointed ears and head crowned with ivy. Unfortunately, these Sculptures have been lost.

Bust of a satyr that was used to support an architectural element

The photograph above dates back to 1910.  It was taken during the excavations of the Roman Villa at Ramla Bay in Gozo.  It shows a floor decorated with marbles of different colours.
After: Bonanno 2005.