The theme of the Cyber Fair competition is Inspire and Unite.  Our project, entitled the "Romans in Malta", ties in very well with this theme.  The Romans can be said to have been the power of the Ancient world that has inspired varies aspects of life, be it political, legal, economical and social up to the present day. 

The Romans were also the ones that managed to unite the whole Mediterranean under their rule in ancient times and so manage to transform it in a "Roman Lake".  The idea of a united Mediterranean under one power has inspired many European leaders throughout history among whom Napoleon. 

This dream can be said to have materialized through the creation of the European Union, of which our country has formed part since 2004.  The European Union has brought political, religious (since Europe is predominantly Christian) and economic unity to the twenty-five European Nations in which 450 million Europeans live.  Modern legal systems have also been inspired by the Ancient Roman Law. 

And it was thanks to the Romans that our country, often isolated throughout its prehistory, came to be united to the culture and politics of the then known world.