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About Early School

about-earlySan Andrea Early School strives, in partnership with parents, to provide a quality education that has a bearing to the real world.
Parents are the first educators of their children and the children will continue to need the support of their parents in the vital years of schooling.

Children in the Early School enjoy an education that recognizes their individuality and their need for all-round development. Continuity and co-operation between the home and school are crucial.

During their time in the Early School the children are not merely getting a glimpse of learning, but vital foundations for life-long learning are being laid. Learning at this stage has to be highly experiential, so ‘doing’ allows for more learning to take place. Within our school emphasis is placed on creative and self-directed learning and on the development of various personal and social skills.

In conclusion, children San Andrea Early School are happy and motivated learners who achieve a great deal from our ‘hands-on’ practical approach. Our aim is to ensure that their love of learning is nurtured so that our children achieve their full potential.

About Middle School

about-middleThe Middle School starts with our Grade 4 pupils who will be 7 years of age. It is a special building, which serves the need of children between the ages of 7 and 11 before they are finally launched into Senior School for the completion of their compulsory education.

In Middle School the children are prepared for the different subjects that they will have to take up at senior school level. They are given subject teachers for certain areas so that they will start to learn to adapt to different subject areas, and to different individual teachers.

The teaching in Middle School is topic based, as required by the National Minimum Curriculum, and subject teachers have to find the proper links so that subjects are inter-connected, and learning will be more logical and interesting to the children.

Our teachers, who are all highly qualified, hold regular weekly meetings in order to plan their teaching with colleagues, and are obliged to attend Professional Development days at the end of each scholastic year, at the beginning, and during the school year. Teaching methods are discussed and the latest educational developments are implemented where appropriate.

Middle School boasts of a number of special rooms for subject teaching.

These include a well-equipped Library, a Science Laboratory, a carpeted room for Drama and Music, an Art room, a PSHD room, a Thinking Skills room where children learn the basics in Prof. Debono’s Thinking Methods, a Mini Gym for indoor PE, an outdoor astro-turfed football pitch surrounded by a rubberised running track, a room for Support teaching and an ICT Lab complete with OHP and Projector. Play areas are allocated according to year groups so that, as much as possible, each year group is kept to its own age range. The children are encouraged to join in the lunch break activities provided by the school, so that their breaks will be a source of enjoyment and learning.

About Senior School

The Senior School starts with our Grade 8 students who will be 11 years of age. It is a special building, built around departments namely the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Environmental Studies, Religious Studies, Accounts, Economics, PSHE), Languages (Maltese, English, Italian and French), ICT and Technology, Practical Subjects (Physical Education, Drama, Art & Home Economics).

These departments serve the need of students between the ages of 11 and 16. The school also boasts of an outer astro-turfed sports facilities which include a tennis court, 2 five-a –side or one 7-a-side football pitch, sand pit area for long-jump, shot put area, high jump mat, hurdles, 2 mini basketball courts, 2 full-sized volleyball courts and one multi-purpose basketball/tennis court and a four-lane athletics rubber-track (160m inner lane, 175m outer lane).

Each Department organises an annual activity namely:

Interactive Activities between Houses within the School for:

Maltese – Jum Nicolo` Isouard
English – Readathon
Italian – Campionissimo
French – Question pour un Champion
Mathematics – Maths Olympiad.

Physical Education and Sports

Our students participate and achieve very good results in national and inter school competitions, which are held regularly during the school year. The School also holds table-tennis, football, basketball and handball tournaments during school day and 2 sports days based on athletics annually.

The Insider

Another important initiative was the onset of a newsletter called ’The Insider’ issued on a term basis. This newsletter not only offers its readers an on-going window to happenings within the school, but also offers a collaborative effort between teachers and students alike

The Drama Production

Over 200 students participated and all those who participated and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. All students reaped the benefits of participating in an activity which aims at enhancing self-esteem and language skills, besides targeting other areas like facing an audience, instilling in our students the love for performing and achieving high standards in other aspects such as movement and music.

Franco Fete for students of French.

This is a national competition open for those students learning French attending state, church and independent schools. San Andrea School students are the proud holders of this title for two consecutive years.


503 schools from 52 countries participated in Global SchoolNet’s International Schools CyberFair 2006 competition-exhibition. In partnership with the World Future Society, the theme for CyberFair 2006 was “Inspire and Unite!” Students were challenged to prepare for the future, by thinking about their own future plans, the conditions that will affect the future of their community, and issues of global importance.

Winners were chosen by a panel of distinguished international judges from four continents representing countries such as Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Philippines and Taiwan. Our School was awarded gold and silver awards on the two occasions we participated. This year it was awarded gold in its category. Link to www.sanandrea.edu.mt/Cyberfair/RomanMalta for more information.

Stephen Hawking Science and Technology Project

An annual event in the school’s calendar which triggers in the students an interest to discover the scientific principles and laws that govern the world around us. It also aims at encouraging the development of skills such as researching, analysis, public presentation, discussion, group work and evaluation.

Comenius Project

This year has seen the end of a three-year Comenius project which the school coordinated. The senior school together with another six schools coming from different European countries tackled the vast and complex issue of “Pollution”. Malta represented by our school, tackled the issue of air and water pollution as well as pollution from the socio-linguistic aspect our country experiences. We believe that such projects give our students the backbone of knowledge they will need, to pursue their studies in the future.

Last May, eight students were given the opportunity to represent the school and their country in Sweden. Four Drama students together with Swedish and Danish students who were mentored by our Drama students and teacher, presented a play called the ‘The Statue which lost its Smile’ in front of an audience of Swedish parents and teachers. The winners of the Stephen Hawking Science & Technology Project 2006 and the runners-up presented their studies and research on the topics of Alternative Energy and Water Pollution to the same audience. All students alike impressed their audience with their confidence and depth of knowledge in their area of specialisation.

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