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The Foundation OCR



Historical Background

Way back in the mid-1980s, a group of parents got together to share views on a common
educational situation: they were concerned about the educational future of their young
children because private Schooling at the time did not offer enough choice to parents.

The solution they arrived at was to set up an independent School financed by the collective
effort of the parents.

The idea soon gathered momentum among parents and the response was overwhelming.

Parents found the moral strength needed to realize an idea which at the time was only a
desire to do something for the educational development of their children.

The notarial public deed that gave birth to the Foundation was published on the 2 nd July,
1988 in the records of Notary Public, Dr. Pierre Attard.

Objectives of the Foundation


The main objectives of the Foundation are, inter alia, to raise funds in order to establish
private Schools for the purpose of:

  • Providing a broad based multilingual education, in a personalized manner aiming at
    the development of the full person,
  • Offering high academic standards in line with national curricula,
  • Having a Catholic environment,
  • In a physical environment conducive to the above to children of all ages in such
    number as may be determined.


The Trustees of the Foundation


Mr Frederick Mifsud Bonnici – 1988-2004
Prof. Joseph M Ganado – 1988-2008
Rev. Prof. Peter Serracino Inglott – 1988-2005
Mr James Bonello – 2004-
Prof. Josef Lauri – 2005-
Dr Joseph A Schembri – 2008-


Rules of the Foundation


Apart from the constitutive notarial deed establishing the Foundation, rules are made to
ensure consistent application of procedures and to implement policies. Rules are reviewed
and updated as needs arise. The Foundation carries out its functions by means of
resolutions of the Trustees after consultation with the two Schools; San Anton and San
Andrea Schools.The Statute of the Foundation empowered the Trustees to make, amend
and interpret the rules of the Foundation.

On the 14 th of July 1988, the first Rules and Regulations were approved at general meetings
by the parents:

  • The Contribution Rules 1988, and
  • The Admission Rules 1988.

When San Andrea School opened its doors, the following additional Rules were approved:

  • The Contribution (Amendment) Rules. Resolution of all the Trustees of the Parents
    Foundation for Education dated 11 th September 1992
  •  The Admission Rules (Second School). Resolution of all the Trustees of the Parents
    Foundation for Education dated 11 th September 1992.

A year later, in 1993, these additional Rules came into force:

  • The Contribution Rules 1993 as amended in 2009
  • The Admission Rules 1993
  • The Delegation of Functions Rules 1998
  • Resolution on Refund of Contributions (San Anton School) 2003

In administering the Rules, every effort is made to apply them correctly. Where doubts
arise, the official text prevails.

Contributors are obliged to read and observe the Rules of the Foundation. They should
familiarise themselves with all other available material on the Schools and with the aims
and systems.

Experience has shown that Contributors in their very great majority are proud to form part
of the Foundation and they abide by and respect the Rules. To safeguard the common
good of the Foundation and of the Schools, the Foundation is empowered by Rule 18 (d) of
the Delegations of Functions Rules 1998 to refuse, suspend or reduce any refund to any
Contributors who fail to fulfill their obligations under any applicable Rules of the
Foundation and of the Schools.





Aims and Ideals


These are the sub-headings of the leaflet: Aims and Ideals:

  1. Parental choice,
  2. Parents must choose and not be chosen,
  3. The Foundation must not be exclusive,
  4. It is a voluntary organization,
  5. The Parents Foundation is autonomous,
  6. The Parents Foundation for Education and its Schools are to be non-profit making,
  7. Capital and current income,
  8. Educational aims,
  9. The Foundation has a democratic culture,
  10. A catalyst for change,
  11. The Foundation is outward looking,
  12. Scholarships,
  13. Ecumenical

A copy of this leaflet can be obtained from the Schools of the Foundation. The contents of
this leaflet have largely remained unchanged since the beginning of the Foundation, with
the only exception being made to include in it the reference to San Andrea School when
this School was instituted.


The Current Position


Two Schools, both at l-Imselliet, are fully operational: San Anton School and San Andrea
School. Both offer education from a very early age of the children right up to their teenage
years (ages 15/16).

The vision and the principles that served as a catalyst to set up the Foundation in 1988 are
as a strong today as they were in early days. It is appropriate to reproduce a definition of
what the Foundation stands for. This is taken from a write-up found in the website of the
San Andrea School:

“The PFE is owned by present contributors and it is an institutional mechanism
through which the two Schools are able to receive funds in order to carry out the
necessary capital expenditure, the operational expenditure being covered by the fees
that the Schools charge.   It is a voluntary and totally autonomous organization and
is a public institution open to all on an equal opportunity basis.   The PFE is not
owned by any one or more persons nor controlled by any interests.  It is managed
by the Trustees.  The Schools are separate bodies and are managed each by a
School Board.  The PFE and its Schools are non-profit making organizations, all
their income is invested directly in the fulfillment of the PFE’s aims.  Any excess of
income over expenditure does not accrue to anyone but is directly re-invested”.
(Quoted from San Andrea School website).

The Contribution

“The PFE’s Schools are committed to the kind of parental involvement that puts into
practice the principle that education must be a partnership between home and School, for
the ultimate benefit of the children.”

The principle of “a partnership between home and School for the benefit of the children”
sums up the whole meaning of the Parents Foundation for Education as a non-profit making
voluntary organization.

The Contribution is made to the Foundation to apply in any one of the Schools. It enables
the Foundation and the Schools to fund their respective projects for the building of the
Schools in accordance with the Statute of the Foundation. The Schools of the Foundation
had to support their capital programmes by means of additional financing through bank
loans. Accordingly, Contributors are bound by the Rules to keep their Contribution in the
system until the bank loans, relative to the building of the Schools, are fully repaid and a
programme of refunds is initiated.

What had been set in motion in 1988 needs to be sustained by current and future
Contributors.  In this way, the Foundation will be in a position to refund Contributions to
Parents whose children have completed their Schooling and for the Schools to continue to
progress in the years ahead.

In support of this requirement, the Foundation is empowered by the Rules to determine
itself when refunds of Contributions are made; and the method of such refunds.
Contributions do not bear any interest in favour of the Contributor – Article seven of the
Contribution Rules 1988.


No Guarantees

The payment of a Contribution does not imply any guarantees on the part of the Foundation
or any School to provide educational facilities for the children registered or any specified
type or level of educational facility.  However, the Foundation, through the Contributors
who are Parents of children wishing to attend the Schools, endeavours to establish and
provide such facilities to highest standards possible – Rule 13 of the Contribution Rules

Contributors’ Obligations

Contributors share in the moral and ethical obligation to act positively as a Contributor
participating in the establishment and operation of Schools, for the benefit of the children
registered with the Foundation, in line with the Aims and Principles of the Foundation.
The Foundation is synonymous with Parent Contributors and acts only through them.  It is
not a distinct functional unit, although it has very specific duties.  The Foundation and the
Trustees are not obliged to provide any services or assistance unless there are Parents
willing to take on the respective responsibilities and only through such Parents.  Each and
every Contributor shares in the responsibility and undertakes to participate when making a
Contribution – Rule 14 of the Contribution Rules 1993.

Liability of Foundation

The Foundation is a distinct legal person from the Schools it establishes. The Foundation
shall not be liable for any obligations incurred by the Schools in fulfilling their projects, or


Parents seeking to obtain more information on the Foundation and its Schools may do so
through the Administration Offices of the respective Schools.  Queries requiring particular
attention are referred by the Administration Offices of the respective Schools to the
Registrar of the Foundation for guidance. In exceptional circumstances, matters are referred
to be dealt with by the Trustees of the Foundation.

The Registrar

By time, the functions and duties of the Registrar of the Foundation have become mainly
administrative, co-ordinative and regulatory.   For this reason, the School where Parents
register their children remains the direct channel of contact between Contributors and the

Contribution Refund

By resolution dated 14 th May 2003, it was established as a policy, after extensive debates at
School Board and Trustees levels, and following consultation with the Parents, that
Contribution Refunds, when due for repayment, shall be made on the basis of a list
consisting of Contributors whose children no longer attend a School of the Foundation.
Each School has its own separate list of such Contributors. The way the two lists are
compiled takes the same format as defined in the said Resolution dated 14 th May 2003,

  1. According to the year when the last child of a family was removed from the official
    class list of the relative School and
  2. Within the same groups, the sequence is established according to the Contribution

At the time of this review (July 2019), the Foundation is effecting refunds to Contributors
whose children have completed schooling in San Anton School. This process has reached
Contributors whose children have finished schooling last year (2018). The process of
refunds to Contributors whose children have attended San Andrea School has started
following the Annual General Meeting held by San Andrea School on 28th February 2019
and a resolution by The Trustees on 25th June 2019. The same policy as for San Anton
School was adopted. It is relevant to state that San Andrea School, as in the case of San
Anton previously, had managed to anticipate the target year set for the commencement of
refunds. This had been set for year 2022. Refunds would therefore commence three years
in advance. Contributors who are not offered a confirmed place in writing in any of the
two Schools of the Foundation and withdraw their registration are refunded their
Contribution within a period of about two/three months from the date their request reaches
the office of the Registrar.



The Contribution Rules 1993 are amended by the Contribution Amendment Rules, 2009

In 2009, the following clauses were added to the Contribution Rules 2/93.

  • Clause 15 – Non-refundable Contribution on registration, and certain administrative
    provisions regarding receipt of all Contributions.
  • Clause 16 – Certain special cases where Contribution becomes refundable
    immediately subject to an administrative charge.
  • Clause 17 – Right to extend the benefit of the Contribution to grandchildren.
    (Please see Note below).
  • Clause 18 – Waiver of Contribution requirement – clause relative to expatriates.

The Contribution Rules include also a number of rulings by the Trustees to explain how the
Rules are to be interpreted – Reference: The Interpretation clauses at the end of the booklet
of the Contribution Rules 1993.

As of 31 st December 2016, the application of this Clause is suspended by the Trustees
following a request by San Anton School which was agreed to also by San Andrea School –
Meeting of the Trustees held on Thursday 16 th June 2016.


Note on the Protection of Personal Data kept in the Registration System for the Admission of Children in the Schools of the Foundation.


The nature of the registration of Contributors and of Children requires the submission and
the keeping of personal data during the registration process. It is hereby declared that
personal data is given the importance it deserves and the Foundation and its Schools ensure
that personal data is kept solely for the administration of the registration system. It is never
made use of for any other reasons whatsoever.

The personal data maintained by the system includes such details as Names, Age, Gender,
Address and other related information. For example, the release with the Foundation and its
Schools of a copy of the birth certificate is an essential requirement.

Any Contributor registering with the Foundation needs to give such data because it is a
very important element in the registration system. By reading this note on the protection of
data, Contributors are asked to give their consent to the Foundation and to its Schools to the
use of the data given, specifically and strictly, for the purpose of administrating the
registration system, as regulated by the Aims and Ideals and the Rules of the Parents
Foundation for Education.

Personal Data entrusted with the Foundation and its Schools ceases to be of any use to the
registration system when Contributors receive the refund of their Contribution. Once
refunds are effected, the Foundation and its Schools cancel personal data records that are no
longer of any use to the registration system. Contributors regain their right to be

The Foundation and its Schools commit themselves to hold control over the information
which they keep and it can be stated that the personal data of Contributors has always been
in safe hands. The Foundation and its Schools will strive to maintain the high standards
expected in regard to the keeping and use of personal data of Contributors and their


Joseph  Bonello
Registrar, Parents Foundation for Education

Reviewed 03rd July 2019

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