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The School Board

The School Board is a school body set up in accordance with Article 10 of the School statute. Its functions and role can be summarised as follows:

  • to implement on behalf of the Trustees all matters of policy relating to the School
  • to oversee the overall management, administration and co-ordination of the School
  • to be responsible for the correct administration of all funds and assets of the School
  • to ensure that the school accounts and all other administrative matters including school licences, school transport, security, property management are in order, and that the School is provided with the necessary support services
  • to appoint each year the School Auditors and make available the audited accounts as well as other financial information to the parents of the School
  • to establish academic and administrative posts and determine the salary scale and other employment terms and conditions attached to them
  • to review the objectives and establish a development plan for the School and give direction to the Heads of School, the Administrator and the School Representative Council
  • to make its recommendations and give instructions to the Heads of School and the Administrator
  • to monitor and evaluate whether the School is developing in line with the aims, ideals and policies of the Foundation and the School and whether objectives set are being attained
  • to monitor all the different Sectors of the School and endeavour to have first hand knowledge of the educational progress and general environment of the School.
  • to monitor the workings of the School Representative Council
  • to receive reports from the Heads of School with regard to various aspects of the school’s operations
  • to keep all parents informed of developments and future plans of the School
  • to safeguard the personal rights and interests of all members of the school, including the Heads of School, the Administrator, the teaching staff, auxiliary staff, parents and students of the School and to hear that complaints are submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the School Board

The Statute provides for the Board to be composed of ten parent members and requires that “every consideration shall be made to ensure as far as possible a School Board that has financial, managerial, educational and legal expertise.”

As can be seen the School Board performs a very important role in San Andrea. All its members are volunteer parents who dedicate their time and offer their expertise and experience to the benefit of the School.

The current School Board is made up of the following parents:

  • Chairman: Mr.Kevin Spiteri,
  • Deputy Chairman : Mr. Lino Seychell,
  • Members: Mr. Pierre Stafrace, Mr. Antoine Attard, Dr. David Wain, Ms. Melanie Casha Sammut, Ms. Melanie Spiteri.

The Board is also supported by ad-hoc specialist committees that are formed in part by Board members and in part by other parents that are appointed from time to time to tackle specific issues such as ICT and Marketing.

You may contact the Board by either writing to the Secretary c/o the School, or else via e-mail:

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