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Calendar 2010-2011


Early & Middle Years

Framework of School Calendar 2010 – 2011


16th                          Teachers’ induction days begin

17th                          Grade 3 Curriculum meeting at 6.00 pm

Grade 4 Curriculum meeting at 7.15 pm

21st                          Public Holiday

22nd                         Familiarisation Visit for Grade 2 students and parents at 13:00

Curriculum meeting follows at approx. 13:30

Curriculum meeting for parents of Grade 5 students at 18.30

23rd                          First day of school for students in Grades 2 to 7

27th                          Grade 6 Curriculum meeting at 6.30 pm

28th                          Grade 7 Curriculum meeting at 6.30 pm

27th                          Settling-in day for students in Grade 1 & curriculum meeting for parents

28th                          Settling-in day for students in Grade 1 & curriculum meeting for parents

29th                          First day of school for students in Grade 1

Settling-in day for students in Nursery

30th                          Settling-in day for students in Nursery




1st                            Settling-in day for students in Nursery & curriculum meeting for parents

4th                            First day of school for students in Nursery

4th & 5th                    Information sessions for parents of Pre-Nursery children

29th                          Walkathon for Early & Middle Years students




1st – 3rd                      Mid-Term Holidays

4th                            Change into Winter uniform

12th                          Early School Parents’ Day

19th                          Middle School Parents’ Day




8th                            Public Holiday

13th                          Public Holiday

16th                          Middle Years Christmas Concert

17th                          Early Years Christmas Concert

21st                          Last Day of Term 1 – Mass and Christmas Celebration – half day for all school


6th                            Professional Development Day for teachers

7th                            First Day of Term 2 for all students



10th                          Public Holiday

11th                          School Holiday in lieu of 23rd September

21st – 25th                Start of Mid Yearly Exams – half days for all school



4th                            Carnival Activity

7th – 8th                    Mid-Term Holidays

11th                          Early Years Parents’ Day

18th                          Middle Years Parents’ Day

31st                          Public Holiday




1st                            School Holiday in lieu of 24th September

13th                          Interactive Open Day

14th                          Cross Country run for Middle Years

15th                          Last Day of Term 2 – Our Lady of Sorrows


2nd                           First Day of Term 3

Change into Summer uniform

6th                            Grade 7 Sleep-over

13th                          Field Day – Early Years at 15.30 – no school for these students

16th                          Field Day – Grades 5 & 6 at 15.30– no school for these students

20th                          Nursery Field Day at 09.30

Grade 5 Sleep-over

27th                          Pre-Nursery Field Day at 09.30


1st                            Beginning of Half-Days – school ends at 12.35

3rd                            Swimming Gala for Grade 7 students at 09:00 – no school for these students

3rd                            Grade 6 Sleep-over

6th                            Summer Concert for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Grades 1 & 2 students at 18:30

7th                            Public Holiday

9th                            Summer Concert for Grade 3 & 4 students at 18:30

22nd                         First Holy Communion Celebration for students in Grade 3 at 18:00 (tentative)

24th                          Grade 4 Sleep-over

27th                          Last day of school for Grade 7 students

‘End of Early and Middle Years Celebration’ for Grade 7 students at 18:30

28th                          Last day of Term 3 for all other grades – Mass and party




Further information will be forwarded to you in the Welcome Pack which will be circulated in September.


Whilst the School makes every effort to ensure that all the above activities take place as scheduled, changes due to unforeseen circumstances may be necessary.


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