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Bridges with God

San Andrea Prayer and Action Group

Monday 16th February 2015

Each year, the Chaplaincy team together with the Prayer and Action group of San Andrea celebrate the shipwreck of Saint Paul during the Carnival holidays. After a moment of prayer at the chapel dedicated to the landing of St. Paul in Malta (San Pawl tal-Ħġejjeġ) we go out for a pizza together.

The theme chosen links with that of the scholastic year: Building bridges not walls. We celebrated “bridges with God”. We explored the variety of “bridges” that exist with God. We started with Jacob’s dream of a ladder between heaven and earth (Genesis 28, 10-19) as he was escaping from his brother Esau. Then Mr Daniel helped the group to pray with Rembrandt’s masterpiece “Return of the Prodigal Son”. Students were then invited by Ms Tania to express their own reflections and prayers by making a symbol out of modelling clay.

After sharing in prayer, we concluded our celebration by sharing pizza. It takes time to build bridges, but worth the effort!

Fr.Jimmy Bonnici


San Andrea Senior School

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