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At San Andrea, our Pre-Nursery caters for children aged two to three. It is a community where families and staff work together for the common good of each and every individual child. Our carers are very approachable and create an environment where children feel at ease and comfortable expressing themselves. They work closely with families to provide a caring, fun and creative place for children to develop lifelong skills and a positive attitude towards learning that will remain with them throughout their lifetime. Our staff also strives to ensure a secure and stimulating environment for all the children, safety always being given priority. Here at San Andrea School we believe in the full inclusion of each and every child. Learning is child-centered and children are empowered to make the right choices and to be in control of their own learning. We truly believe that each and every child within our community is an individual with various strengths which need to be recognised and praised.

The San Andrea Pre Nursery also falls under the Free Childcare Scheme. Kindly contact us for more information.

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