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Erasmus + Project: Earth, Agriculture, Recipes and Technology at Heart



This Erasmus + project comprised of six educational European institutions is coordinated by San Andrea School. It seeks to promote awareness, appreciation and a more sustainable use of Soil. To accomplish this, one will provide the students with hands-on experiences on organic farms, where they meet the professionals in the field and they can discuss various matters, learn from his/her expertise and make an attempt to grow their own crops.

For the project to be effective, one intends to put in place an array of activities that vary in nature to be able to reach around 1600 participants of different ages, academic and creative abilities. These will include cooking, painting, photography, farming, writing, PowerPoint presentations, oral presentations and debates among others. As a result of these diverse approaches one would like to notice a change in the way the younger generation, most especially, perceives soil and learns how to make good use of it. In addition one would like the youth to become responsible consumers and more aware of what is essential to lead a healthy life.

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