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Lenten Talks 2014 at San Andrea Senior School


In line with the initiative taken in many schools in the UK – Prayer Spaces – students in Grade 10 had the opportunity to find an adequate space for some time of reflection and prayer. Focused on one theme – if you had to ask God one question what would you ask? – the response was surprising. Discovery – why is it so hard to find a moment of silence? Their life – why have you created us? The world – why in such an advanced world with a lot of people and food to spare, we still have poverty? Suffering – why is there so much suffering in the world? Why does racism exist in this world? And prayer – God, can you help me? The rest of the session gave us the opportunity to share on important issues of life and explore the true meaning of freedom and how the commandments rather than restrict, enhance freedom.
Fr. Jimmy Bonnici

Chaplain, San Andrea Senior School

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