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Li(v)erature Project

Bringing Literature to Life – April 2017

Ms Carmen, Ms Tania, Ms Yana, Ms Christine, Ms Marlene, Ms Lara, Ms Lesley



Project Work on Macbeth – Grade 8

Grade 8 students have been asked to research and present information, which is of interest

to them, on any character or scene in Macbeth, using any form they choose (chart, booklet, PPT or any other idea they prefer). At this point they were not expected to read the story from ‘The Enchanted Island’ or the play. As a class, students will be looking deeper into the reading of this together later on.  Once they have chosen what information strikes them the most, they were to depict it using any medium they like. This project is in preparation for the detailed reading of the story to be done in Term 3.

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Exploring the Night Mail – Grade 9

In the first term, the Grade 9 students worked on the poem ‘Night Mail’ by W H Auden.  One of the aspects explored in this poem is how Auden manages to create the visual imagery through the choice of language.  The students, in groups of their own choice, were given lines from the poem and were asked to create a visual representation of those lines, choosing any medium that they felt appropriate. The students took this task very seriously and the result is an amazing collection of models and art work.

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Facebook Profiles of Literary Characters – Grade 10

The aim of this activity was to bring literature and every day life together. Students were to create Facebook profiles for one of the many literary characters we came across in class. By imagining the kind of profile these characters would have, students were encouraged to bring these figures into the 21st century and onto a popular social media platform. Although many of these characters came to life years and years ago, their values and individuality are timeless.

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 Tackling SEC Essays through a Medium of your Choice– Grade 11

Grade 11 students were asked to choose a possible essay title that they might have to face during their SEC Literature exam and present it using a medium of their choice.  In this way they would be engaging with their literature syllabus in a less conventional way, enhancing their learning of literary themes, characters and literary techniques, in the process.  They could choose to focus on either one of the four sections the exam syllabus entails, namely Macbeth, Poetry, Animal Farm and Unseen Texts. Submissions varied to an impressive extent as students opted to produce a range of diverse projects including characters, themes and texts analysis in the form of paintings, charts, models, poetry writing, PowerPoint Presentations as well as song writing and recording.

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World War 1 Research Linked to War Poetry – Grade 12

Grade 12 students cover two poems by Wilfred Owen; The Send-off and Anthem for Doomed Youth as part of their literature SEC syllabus. In order for students to understand better these poems, they were asked to do some guided research about World War 1. They were encouraged to look up the time-line, in order to put them in a historical context and to research other points such as shell shock, weapons and the Western Front. This small project helps students move away from the syllabus and it also, helps students understand that literature can be linked to other subjects across the curriculum, in this case history. This project motivated students and made them more interested in the poems when we analysed and covered them in class. It also widened the students’ knowledge.  It was a true learning experience.

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