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Information About School

The Middle School starts with our Grade 4 pupils who will be 7 years of age. It is a special building, which serves the need of children between the ages of 7 and 11 before they are finally launched into Senior School for the completion of their compulsory education.

In Middle School the children are prepared for the different subjects that they will have to take up at senior school level. They are given subject teachers for certain areas so that they  will start to learn to adapt to different subject areas, and to different individual teachers.

The teaching in Middle School is topic based, as required by the National Minimum Curriculum, and subject teachers have to find the proper links so that subjects are inter-connected, and learning will be more logical and interesting to the children.

Our teachers, who are all highly qualified, hold regular weekly meetings in order to plan their teaching with colleagues, and are obliged to attend Professional Development days at the end of each scholastic year, at the beginning, and during the school year.  Teaching methods are discussed and the latest educational developments are implemented where appropriate.

Middle School boasts of a number of special rooms for subject teaching.  These include a well-equipped Library, a Science Laboratory, a carpeted room for Drama and Music, an Art room, a PSHD room, a Thinking Skills room where children learn the basics in Prof. Debono’s Thinking Methods, a Mini Gym for indoor PE, an outdoor astro-turfed football pitch surrounded by a rubberised running track, a room for Support teaching and an ICT Lab complete with OHP and Projector.  Play areas are allocated according to year groups so that, as much as possible, each year group is kept to its own age range. The children are encouraged to join in the lunch break activities  provided by the school, so that their breaks will be a source of enjoyment and learning.

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