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Open Day 2015


Global Citizenship




On 25th March 2015, San Andrea School opened its doors once again to the students’ families, friends and invited visitors for another successful Open Day.

This annual event creates a vibe around the school which is felt by all. The students prepare for the day wholeheartedly, and so much learning happens in its preparation.

This year’s umbrella title was Global Citizenship, and each grade level, Pre-nursery through to grade 7, took the title on board and brought it to the level that was tangible for each age group.

Children looked into other countries’ cultures and traditions, learnt about their needs or what made each country special and identified with different ways of travelling around our beautiful Earth as well as the diversity of life we share this planet with. The older year groups focused on the needs of people, and the way we can help others who are less fortunate. The students recognised ways of empathising and showing solidarity to others by doing small things to help others, and subsequently be part of something bigger… through global citizenship.

All in all, San Andrea students truly lived their school motto…….


                        Reason        Respect       Responsibility


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