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Open Day Article – New


Open-Day at San Andrea Senior School

There is something special about School Open days. These are days of celebrating and sharing success both with the enrolled Learning Community and prospective ones.  It was a pleasure seeing the various team members of the San Andrea School family enjoying themselves and collaborating within the school environment.  The presence of distinguished guests Mrs. Michelle Muscat who attended on behalf of her husband the Prime Minister, the Hon. David Agius, who attended on behalf of Dr. Therese Comodini Cachia, MEP and Shadow Minister for Education and Employment, His Excellency Sig. De Vito, Ambassador of Italy Ms. Maria Grech Ganado, a Maltese poetess, made it even more special for the students and the staff.

The day opened by a celebration of prose in the Maltese Language.  Prose stirs up feelings of who we are, what do we stand for, our values, priorities and gives shape to our feelings on these issues.  The school prides itself in performing highly at the Maltese’s MATSEC Exam and such a successful Maltese literary production surely gave the right emphasis which the school puts on our native language.

Guests and parents had the chance to savour the everyday activities of the school and to join classrooms in order to get a glimpse of the learning environment.  Students and visitors alike had the chance to participate in Art workshops, Sports Fitness Tests performed by P.E Option students, as well as participate in Treasure-Hunts organised by the Humanities Department and compete in Maths Olympiads for those intrigued in fast numerical computations.  The main aim of this yearly Olympiad is to create an atmosphere of healthy competition through the practice of problem-solving skills, logical thinking and other strategies.

The Modern Languages Department presented their popular activity “Buon Appetito, Bon Appetit, Buen Apetito”; an inviting gamut of International cuisine for the attendees to savour while enjoying various lines of literature in Italian French and Spanish languages.  It was surely French, Italian and Spanish gastronomy at its best through which visitors tasted and discovered typical dishes from the three respective countries prepared with lots of dedication by our own students as well as by native Italian students who are part of our Bilingual Italian programme.

Visitors to the library were entertained to a Book-Buffet coordinated by the librarian dressed up as Professor McGonagall, a character from Harry Potter books, to mark World Book Day.  Students were also encouraged to come to school dressed up in the costume of their favourite book-character.  For this book-buffet, a book was placed in front of each participant and the latter was timed to start reading that book for 8 minutes.  When the time was up, participants had to quickly move to the next desk and begin reading (sampling) the next book.  At the end of this reading activity, the students were asked which of the books they sampled they would like to borrow in order to continue reading it.  The objective of this activity is to expose students to different genre of literature and instil in them the love for reading.

The English Department presented a literary appreciation experience involving students from three different grades.   The audience was able to appreciate a variety of literary texts as students brought words to life through prose reading, recital of poetry, acting of extracts from a Shakespearean play and presentations about a variety of novels.

Old Boys and Girls currently studying Medicine at the University of Mata organised various workshops centred on Health and included themes such as Bullying, Healthy Eating and Anti-Tobacco.  The Science Matinee was equipped with several hands-on activities and Practical work that students carry out during their lessons.

Science students had the opportunity to showcase their experiments and explain how they proved their hypothesis as part of the yearly Stephen Hawking Science & Technology Competition.  The IT welcomed participants to engage in computer programs set by the students themselves and view Robotics projects done by the students.  Robotics has been recently introduced as well in our secondary school alongside VET subjects such as Hospitality and I.T.  The students of I.T. demonstrated 3-D printing techniques while those of Hospitality and Home Economics displayed their mouth-watering muffins and delicious savouries which were tasted also by the visitors.

Another interesting part of the Science Department is the Energy Terrace.  Here the students displayed projects about renewable sources of energy which were constructed at school with their teachers.  Moreover, visitors had the opportunity to discuss with the students the various plants being grown in the Greenhouse located on our Energy Terrace. Visitors were also pleasantly surprised with the beautiful design and technology projects created meticulously by the students.

An International News Bulletin was performed by the Drama students and visitors were also able to see Drama rehearsals for the upcoming Annual Production. During the day visitors could watch or participate is a sports festival made up from a series of activities in the picth area as well as indoor tournaments in the games’ room.

The School Administration would like to thank the Special guests who honoured us with their attendance and their participation, the Board of Directors for their support, the staff and the supporting staff for making the day a successful one.



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