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Prayer and Action : End of year activity


On the 2nd July 2014, the Chaplaincy Team held an end of year activity for the members of the San Andrea Prayer and Action group at the Seminary, in Rabat. The event consisted of a Prayer session, which was organized by Fr Jimmy Bonnici who is the school’s Chaplain and Rector of the Seminary.  This brought to a close the theme of ‘Peace’, which was the recurrent theme dealt with throughout the school year through the various activities that were held, both at whole school level as well as those organized specifically for the Prayer and Action group.

The prayer session was held in the chapel, where a number of prayer spaces were created and the students had the opportunity to pray as a whole group, as well as individually. This style of session was also used during the Lenten Talks, and turned out to be very effective.

After the prayer session it was time for a bar-b-que and the students worked as a team to help prepare for it. Needless to say, they were also very efficient at eating the food as well.  Thus evening ended on a very positive note, and the students were picked up by their parents, who are always so supportive of this group.

The Chaplaincy team is made up of Fr Jimmy Bonnici, Mr Jonathan Muscat Mr Daniel Cordina,  and Ms Tania Bezzina.  The Chaplaincy team meets every week and is responsible for organizing various activities which include Mass, at different times of the year, religious celebrations such as the Blessing of the Advent Wreath, Ash Wednesday and the Crowning of Our Lady, and the Lenten talks.  It also takes care of the Prayer and Action Group which meets once a week during break times, and organizes out of school activities for this group.  Fr Jimmy also celebrates mass once a week, for students and staff who are willing to attend and is also available on the same day for any students who wish to talk to him.



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