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San Andrea School’s Innovative Theatrical Project


San Andrea School’s innovative theatrical project

In between exams and fulfilling its curriculum, San Andrea Senior School, Imselliet, Mgarr is combining its creative tools to present an innovative drama project.

The project, with a very wide remit, has been running since October and will culminate in a theatrical production called ‘This Is Me’ in May at the Salesian’s Theatre.

Every week, students taking their IGCSE in drama have been attending hands-on sessions about the world of drama.  For most students, this is their first practical step into the world of performance. Students are getting the opportunity to learn about all the different aspects required of an actor in performance.

The project is being coordinated and run through weekly holistic workshops by theatre practitioner Charlotte Stafrace, who is also directing the piece, together with the students’ San Andrea drama teacher, Lesley Nixon.

The initiative has been made possible through KREATTIV funding (Culture Directorate within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Culture and Local Government, under the Tourism Ministry).

What makes this project even more inclusive is that specialists in various other fields have also been participating, providing a myriad of practical learning sessions. Students have been learning about dance and movement, lighting design, scriptwriting, creating stories through puppetry, as well as stage management through tailor made workshops. The students are also being given the opportunity to visit theatres with a view to learn more about their functionality.

The script, specifically commissioned for this piece, is based on themes stemming directly from the students, aged 14 and 15 years. Themes like conflicts at school, bullying and growing up issues, which resonate with teenagers today are being developed into a fully-fledged production.

This Is Me’ is resulting in a creative blend of transferable skills with the current drama students also leading workshops for lower grades. Moreover, it is hoped this project will foster new interest in the subject of drama on the curriculum, as well as teach new skills and instil personal growth.

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