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Science Soiree 2017


Science Soirée 2017

…where Science meets fun!!

The Science and Technology Department within San Andrea School once again organised its annual Science Soirée. The main aim behind this event is to stimulate and sustain students in their interest and enjoyment of Science. Science is not just an academic subject. It is exciting, useful and an ongoing process, answering present questions and opening doors to future possibilities.

For the first time, the Science Soirée was held in the school’s newly inaugurated Multipurpose Hall. This provided us with the opportunity to set up the numerous exhibits in one location, whereas in previous years these were set up in the different classrooms. Participants included students from Grade 7 (Year 6) to Grade 11 (Year 10).  Exhibits included various projects, models and live demonstrations related to the subjects forming part of the Science and Technology Department.

For us teachers, it is extremely important to see our students enjoy what they are doing. We believe that for all their hard work throughout the year, they should be rewarded by being given the opportunity to show off their achievements to all those attending. Undoubtedly, not all students find it easy to explain a scientific concept to an adult. However, they eventually do rise to the occasion and admit that they definitely loved the experience. It is also our belief that this opportunity helps our students further develop various skills which will be useful for their future studies and careers. This aspect is highly appreciated by those attending as they positively remark about the students’ enthusiasm in explaining their projects or experiments and the ease with which they do this.

The Stephen Hawking Science and Technology Project

The Stephen Hawking Project has now reached its 18th edition. The aim of this project is to trigger and spur students’ interest to discover new things whilst helping them further develop their research and application skills. There were a number of remarkable entries for this year’s edition. This was also remarked by the external judges invited to choose the winning group, who are all experts in the field of Science.

The winning team of this year’s edition were Jacob Grech, Luca Mifsud Buhagiar and Joseph Borg with their project entitled, ‘Which material is the best conductor of heat in an IT scenario?’ The aim of their research was to compare the thermal conductivity properties of a number of pastes used by industries in order to help the CPU’s cooling process. In addition to this, they also tested common household pastes such as toothpaste and Nutella in order to compare their abilities at taking away unnecessary heat energy from the CPU.

As a compensation for their hard work, the school will be providing the students with free flight tickets for a short trip to a European destination, and entrance tickets to a number of museums and other educational attractions.

Science and Solidarity

Upon launching this year’s Science Soirée, the Science and Technology Department also decided to start a Science and Solidarity campaign. Science and Technology are fundamental in helping those people who require specialised treatments and equipment, in order to be able to have a better quality of life. In addition to this, such campaigns also help foster in our students a sense of social responsibility in line with the school ethos. This year’s campaign was organised in aid of ALS Malta. During a dress down day, students forwarded their generous donations to the school. The total sum collected amounted to €6000 which was then forwarded to Mr. Bjorn Formosa during the Science Soirée.


Alex Bonavia

Head of Science and Technology Department



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