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Senior School 10th Anniversary


Celebrating Ten Years of Vision

Approaching San Andrea Senior School in Imselliet on Tuesday 30th November felt like entering an Olympic stadium. Flags representing various countries added colour to the impeccable bright blue sky above Imselliet picturesque valley.  This very well-organized celebration marked the 10th Anniversary since San Andrea Senior School building opened its doors to the first three classes of grade 8 students and a group of teachers some experienced whilst others freshly graduated from university.  Back in 1992, the latter, together with the Parents Foundation of Education were brave enough to endeavour on this new project.  As a result, it now hosts students of various nationalities from all over the globe.

This November, the school foyer was beautifully set up by an international group of parents. Tables were spread with food specialties representing the array of nationalities in the Senior School, from the traditional Maltese “bigilla” to the tasty renowned hams and cheeses of Italy, polenta, Spanish omelette as well as pies and pasties from the British Isles.  For dessert, one could indulge in rich English scones with cream and plum jam, all these to be washed down with a soothing cup of Scottish green tea.  San Andrea students, parents and staff were once more spoilt for choice.

The sunny Maltese November weather was an excellent background to the outdoor activities in the likes of traditional Maltese games which regretfully, have nowadays been replaced by computer games such as Wii and play station. These games included the “passju” (hop scotch), “bocci” (marbles), rope-skipping and much more.  The school’s talented drama students produced plays and selected scenes to perform on this day. The school choir and individual students also performed for an enthusiastic audience.

Ex San Andrea School Captains and Vice Captains were invited for this celebration. The first board Senior School chairman, Mr. Lapira, unveiled a plaque to inaugurate this special day in the San Andrea School history. The plaque now stands in the Senior School foyer amongst the many trophies that students won along the years for academic and athletic excellence, all of which proudly bear the name of the school.

Days such as these remind us of the true scope for which the school was originally founded: an educational project with the aim of employing dedicated educators that would hand down the required basic knowledge to children in a manner that would develop their inquisitive mind, thus forming a sound base of education for further development. In the first years following the school’s launch back, the first two classes were held at Sedqa in Naxxar.  In the year 2000, San Andrea opened the third building for the first four classes of grade 8 students and two classes of Grade 9 and 10 students. Three years later, the latter became the first grade 12s of San Andrea Senior School. In 2003, all eyes were on the first crop of students sitting for Matsec O’levels.

Since then, San Andrea Senior School has never looked back.  Year after year, Matsec passes have been high. The school soon wedged in, alongside the well-known public and non-state schools whose good reputation had long been established.

A quick glance at these past ten years reveals San Andrea’s involvement in numerous educational activities, not only within the school premises, but outside the school grounds and in national and international events.  It has always been of primary importance to spread the learning experience outside the four walls of the classroom.  

That first group of teachers employed by San Andrea had definitely not envisioned themselves sweeping concrete floors and painting classrooms during the first days of their work experience, but along the years they have come to represent the true ethics and heartfelt zeal of their profession, teaching practicality and instilling in the students the school’s motto: ‘Respect Reason Responsibility’.  It is a motto which each year teachers, parents and students alike strive to maintain, employing the enthusiasm, flexibility and forward-looking vision that characterize San Andrea School.

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