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Department of English

The importance of the English language as a language of communication both within the Maltese community as well as outside is an undisputed matter. Given the significant role this global language plays in today’s life, the English department works hard to promote fluency and excellence in the use of English amongst San Andrea students.

Equal importance is given to reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in order to help students become proficient language users. English as a subject however, also involves the exploration of set literary texts in order to consolidate the teaching of the English language. Hence the department aims to instill a sense of appreciation towards canonical works such as Shakespeare’s plays, while guiding students to develop the skills necessary in order to be able to analyse and write about a given text.

Each year the department of English seeks to motivate the students by organising syllabus-related activities. In this manner students engage in English learning in ways which do not necessarily involve a classroom setting. Such initiatives include:

– presentations in order to practise public speaking

– exhibitions of students’ work, on noticeboards, on the school’s website and on the school’s magazine Click here to view pictures

– outings, such as watching a performance of “Macbeth”. Click here to view pictures

– participating in national events such as – January 2015 – Reading Champions Award. Click here to view article

Ms. Marlene
Head of Department of English


As from the scholastic year 2016/2017 the Department of English took the initiative of setting up an all-grades exhibition. This is being done with the intent of showcasing the students’ work, while providing learners with ample room to express themselves in order to show what they have learnt in different ways.  This event, called the ‘Li(v)erature Project: bringing literature to life’ is scheduled to coincide with the second Parents Day in order to allow parents to admire their children’s work. Click here to read more ….


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