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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has a mission to provide all mathematics students with an understanding of the logical structure and style of mathematics appropriate to their level. It, therefore, provides learning opportunities that respect the diversity of our student population such that all our students develop an appreciation for the utility and power of mathematics. It provides students with the background necessary to pursue a meaningful career in mathematics, mathematics teaching, or related fields. It provides students with the skills required for both quantitative and abstract reasoning and to use mathematics as a computational and analytical tool. In this way, our students are equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to be lifelong learners and productive members of our evolving society.

The Department of Mathematics at San Andrea Senior School encourages pupils to:


*      develop a positive attitude to mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance.

*      understand and appreciate the place and purpose of Mathematics in society and apply mathematical concepts to situations arising in their own  lives.

*      understand the significance of results obtained.

*      develop a willingness to work both independently and co-operatively.

*      appreciate pattern and relationship in mathematics.

*      develop the ability to be able to apply mathematics to other areas of the curriculum.

*      develop the ability to solve problems, present solutions and interpret results.

*      develop a firm foundation for further study.

*      develop the ability to produce imaginative and creative work arising from mathematical ideas.

*      make efficient, creative and effective use of appropriate technology in Mathematics.


Finally, the department aims to help all pupils achieve their mathematical potential.


Mathematics can be creative and such creative activities form part of our assessment process. That is why each year the Department of Mathematics organises two major school events, namely, the Mathematics Olympiad and the HuMati Kynigi (a treasure hunt in collaboration with the Humanities Department). These activities enhance the mathematics syllabus and help students to envisage the subject of mathematics as an interesting subject linked to everyday life. They also help students to improve their thinking and to face challenges successfully later on in life.


The Mathematics Olympiad takes place on a 2 day period. On the first day, students take part in an individual competition while on the second day students take part in a group competition. The overall marks for the whole school including the individual competition will then confirm the overall house winner which will be awarded the Mathematics Olympiad Trophy for that year.


Together with the Humanities Department, a joint venture called the Hu-Mati Kynigi (meaning the Humanities and Maths Hunt) is organised. During this activity, students are taken to a historical site, given clues in order to identify various landmarks and answer questions about them. These questions deal with the mathematical, historical, geographical, environmental, religious and social aspect of the place they are visiting. The winning House is awarded the Humati-Kynigi Cup for that year.  Throughout this activity, not only are the students applying what they learnt in class to the various historical places, but they are also linking what they learnt in Mathematics with what they learnt in the Humanities subjects. It is also an excellent exercise for the students to realise that ‘Mathematics is really all around us’.


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