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Department of Sports

  P.E Teachers

Mr. Kevin Zammit – Senior School
Mr. Kevin Mamo – Senior School
Mr. Venelin Georgiev – Middle School
Mr. Christian McClean – Early School

Sports Early School
PE Programme – Basic skills, cordination skills; hands/feet manipulative skills; balancing skills/sensory-motor development games, self control & responsible issues, creativity play
Basic rules – Ball handling, space awareness, court rules & teamwork
Equipment – Knowledge &understanding of how to use equipment, safety precautions, awareness of various items.
Sports Middle School
PE Programme – Basic skills, introducing rules of the games, introduction work in ball games such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, tennis, table-tennis, tag rugby, swimming, gymnastics as well as basic techniques in athletics in both track & field events.
Assessments – Height & weight, as well as assessments on sports practiced, including fitness are taken during the year.
Break Activities – Gymnastics class, dance class, class tournaments in football, basketball, handball, fun games and relays, individual tournaments in tennis & table-tennis.
Other Activities – School cross-country, walkathon, swimming gala & sports days, sports programmes during weekend camps

Sports Senior School
PE Programme – Basic complex skills in different ball games such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball & table-tennis. Reaching higher standards in all athletic events for both track and field events.
Assessments – Detailed reports on all lessons practiced during the year. A four week programme is covered before each assessment. Height & weight is also measured every term to analyze the growth development of the pupils.
Break Activities – House colour tournaments in football, basketball, table- tennis, tennis & handball are done for all grades for both boys and girls.
Other Activities – School cross-country, walkathon & sports days.
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