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Information About the School

The Senior School starts with our Grade 8 students.

The school is built around a number of departments – namely the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Environmental Studies, Religious Studies, Accounts, Economics, PSHE), Languages (Maltese, English, Italian and French), ICT and Technology, Practical Subjects (Physical Education, Drama, Art & Home Economics).

These departments serve the need of students between the ages of 11 and 16.

Physical Education and Sports

Our students participate and achieve very good results in national and inter-school competitions, which are held regularly during the school year. The School also holds table-tennis, football, basketball and handball tournaments during the school day and 2 sports days based on athletics annually.


Drama Productions

Students reap the benefits of participating in an activity which aims at enhancing self-esteem and language skills, besides targeting other areas like facing an audience, instilling in our students the love for performing and achieving high standards in other aspects such as movement and music.

The Insider

Another important initiative is the production of a newsletter called ’The Insider’ which is issued on a term basis.  This newsletter not only offers its readers an on-going window to happenings within the school, but also offers a collaborative effort between teachers and students alike

Franco Fete for students of French.

This is a national competition open for those students learning French attending state, church and independent schools.  San Andrea School students are the proud holders of this title for two consecutive years.


CyberFair has been described as the largest educational event of its kind ever held on the Internet. This program brings together more than 2.5 million students across 115 countries. View present and past winners and take a virtual journey around the globe to learn about people, programs and their communities. Please click here: Cyber Fair Project for more information.

Stephen Hawking Science and Technology Project

An annual event in the school’s calendar which triggers in the students an interest to discover the scientific principles and laws that govern the world around us. It also aims at encouraging the development of skills such as researching, analysis, public presentation, discussion, group work and evaluation.

Interactive Activities between Houses within the School:

  • Maltese – Jum Nicolo` Isouard
  • English – Readathon
  • Italian – Campionissimo
  • French – Question pour un Champion
  • Mathematics – Maths Olympiad


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