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The Video of our Historical re-enactment:
"A Tale of a Gozitan City"

Dragut's Attack on Gozo of 1551

Chart Competition about the Order of St.John
Screen shots from the filmThe news about the making of the video was very exciting for all of us. After about a week's time, all of us (in 1997 we were still in Grade 5) Our Grade 5 corresponding to Grade 3 in the U.S. received circulars, which gave each of us which role he or she was going to act, and how to make our costume. With the help of the film's director, Mr. Winston, we did a lot of rehearsals, until finally the great day came. We went to school very early and with the help of some parents we were ready to go to Sliema, where we boarded a sailing ship called "Charlotte Louise" (belonging to "Captain Morgan Cruises"). Usually this sailing Screen shots from the filmship is used for tourists, but for that day it was used for the filming of the Turks coming to Malta from Constantinople! The video was taken in such a professional way that although it seemed that the students who were acting as Turks, were on the ship out at sea, the sailing ship was in fact still in the port! After this, the same boys who were acting as Turks were taken to a nice sandy bay, where they were filmed as they rowed on a small rowing boat towards the land. When edited, this made it seem as if the sailing boat was left out at sea and the students rowed on a small boat towards the land!
Screen shots from the filmThe whole video was shot in one long street, where the main fighting scenes between the Turks and the Knights took place. After the fighting, the victorious Turks took the girls, who acted the roles of female peasants, to their small rowing boat and back to their sailing ship. The video ended with a sad hymn, with the Turks taking all the villagers as slaves and prisoners. The very last scene shows the back of the sailing ship going back to where it came from! We can surely say that this historical re-enactment helped us to understand more and empathise about what happened in Gozo in 1551. Moreover, the video not only made this re-enactment more interesting for us, but we also learnt a lot about filming and editing. Screen shots from the film

These Photos you are seeing were actually taken during the "shooting" of the video of our Historical re-enactment.

An interview with the Principal of our school about the Video.

1. How did you get the idea of producing a video?

After we went for an educational trip to Gozo, I thought of producing an exhibition in school about the trip. But then, a friend of mine, Mr. Winston (a film director), thought of another idea. His idea was to produce a video of Dragut's attack on Gozo of 1551.
Screen shots from the film
2. How did this great idea become possible?

Mr. Winston hired a cameraman and a video editor. In two and half weeks we had to film the video and edit it. It only became possible with the great help given by the parents in making this video.

3. What was involved in producing the film?

To produce the film we had to do all the following things:Screen shots from the film

a. Write a script
b. Cast the characters
c. Choose the film locations
d. Make the costumes
e. Have rehearsals
f. Film for two days
g. Edit the film
h. Add the sounds and special effects
i. Add the credits