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Sicily Educational Trip


Educational Trip to Sicily

At the of the scholastic year 2010-2011, the Grade 9 (form two) San Andrea Senior School class teachers organised a fun and educational day trip to Sicily for their students.  Since the latter had worked hard during the scholastic year and had shown good behaviour, they surely deserved a special outing.
During this trip, the students were meant to visit Piazza Armerina and the Villa Romana Casale. The latter is a magnificent roman villa which is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.  It is one of the largest Roman Villa to survive antiquity.  In the Villa, the students were also meant to examine the Roman Baths, which forms part of this villa.  They could link what they see, with the Roman History they covered at the end of Grade 8 (Form 1). Moreover, this would serve as preparation for the tackling of this topic in Grade 11 (form four) during Environmental studies.
After weeks of preparation, the students met their teachers early in the morning at the Virtu Ferries terminal.  With boarding passes in hand, we went on the newest and fastest Catamaran – The Jean de la Vallette.  We soon arrived at Pozzallo, where we were met by our driver and coach guide.
Our first destination was Piazza Armerina.  However, since the trip was rather long, and the students had been awake for quite some time, we had scheduled a stop for an early lunch. At Piazza Armerina, an Italian tour guide gave us valuable information on the various aspects of the Villa, which was being restored. The Assistant Head of school Mr Stephen Briffa, who is also one of the school’s history teachers, helped the students to link what they were seeing and analysing, with what they had studied in class.
The students then stopped at the town of Piazza Armerina for a quick lunch. Then we visited Caltagirone, which is a small Sicilian town well known for its ceramic art. This town was of great interest to the students, especially to those who enjoy art lessons.  We then went for a ride around the town with a pre-booked little “trenino”, which the students enjoyed immensely. They waved, whistled and shouted out greetings to all the people they met along the way.  The little “trenino” stopped at a ceramic factory, where we had a demonstration on how to make pottery.  Many students bought ceramics for their parents; the most popular item being ‘Il Bummolo Malandrino’
After racing up the famous 142 ceramic steps of the ‘Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte’, the students treated themselves to a large ice-cream and had some free time to explore the town within their group.  Most were content to relax, and eat more ice-cream. Since all good things come to an end, it was soon time for us to go back to our coach, which took us back to the ferry.  We arrived back in Malta safe and sound. The educational and fun trip in Sicily was surely a success and so will surely be repeated in the coming years.

Ms. Tania Bezzina

Grade 9 Tutor

Visiting the Ceramics Factory

Students Visiting The Roman Villa

Students visiting another section of the Roman Villa

Visiting Scala di Santa Maria Del Monte

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