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Teachers participate in the Puttinu Cares Marathon


The Puttinu Cares Football Marathon – June 2014


A group of Teachers and Friends have come together once again this year to help out in the Puttinu Cares Marathon to help raise money for those in need. A 2-hour football game was organized and €200 Euros were collected. A big thank you goes to Mr Mark who helped collect the money and a very big well done to all teachers including those who donated money but did not join in the football marathon. 


Sometimes it takes very little to help out and as we all learnt from this experience it is always gratifying to see that every little bit helps. Puttinu Cares raised approximately €1.4 million this year. Well done to all.

Above : The group of teachers and friends that participated in the Puttinu Cares Marathon.

Below : The 2 teams in action during the football match.

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