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The Annual Drama Production


‘San Andrea goes Wonkalicious’

This year’s drama production, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, consisted of a cast made up of around two hundred students from San Andrea Senior School. These students auditioned for a part in the school production and each and every one of them got cast in the play. The main actors began working on the performance in December 2011 while the dancers and extras started in January 2012.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has so many dynamics when you are trying to bring it to the theatre with young children, endless props and peculiar settings. Trying to pull it off successfully can take some of that Willy Wonka magic. And of course San Andrea pulled off that trick at The Salesian’s Theatre in Sliema on the 9th of May 2012.
Charlie and Chocolate Factory is about the hopes and dreams of a young boy named Charlie. Charlie is just happy to be there as opposed to the other four very spoiled, misbehaving children. The students of grades nine to eleven managed to create similar characteristics to the roles they were given through several rehearsals which even took place on holidays and in school breaks. All of the characters were a joy to watch and each one was able to bring the story to life.
One of the most entertaining additions to the play was the ninety OompaaLoopmas played by the grade eight students bringing the whole theatre including the auditorium to life, through mimes, short dialogues and sixteen dance choreographies. The audience stated that they could not help but wait to see what the OoompaLoompas were up to next, from songs to working in the factory. The grade nine students created a great atmosphere in the play from the opening scene which consisted of dancers using ribbons in a choreography, and by also narrating in the play.
The drama production was a difficult task to do in such a short time with so many students. Despite the end result was great. Through such a great performance, one realizes that while the movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory left that long lasting impression that something unique and memorable always does, the stage version leavesa lot more fantastic memories. I would like to thank all of the students who took part in the production making it an amazing experience for the audience and more so for all of the San Andrea students and staff.


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