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Trip to Kingswood


An Educational Fun Trip

Following the resounding success of last year’s trip to one of the Kingswood centres in the UK, another group of 16 students visited Grosvenor Hall in Kent, the most recent addition to the Kingswood group, between the 10th and 17th July.

Upon arrival, everyone was absolutely amazed by the vastness of the camp and the massive outdoor activity areas.  Throughout the week long stay, the students experienced an intensive programme of activities ranging from solo activities such as ‘Zip Wire’ and ‘Sky Climb’, to group activities such as ‘Team Tech’ and ‘Crate Stack’.  The students were also asked to show off their creativity skills during an ICT session, during which they had to produce their own music.

Evenings were also packed with some challenging activities such as ‘Scrap Heap Challenge’ and ‘Mini Olympics’.  International relations were of the order of the day, or rather, evening, as after a packed adrenalised day, the students would enjoy some free time in the company of other students of their same ages from all over the world during the daily discos organised for them.

During this trip the students also enjoyed a visit to Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, as well as a full day in London.  During the day in London, the itinerary included the National History Museum and the Tower of London, as well as an embarkment on a short river trip and the world famous London Eye.

Although being full of adventure and fun, this trip also gave the opportunity to students to further develop further skills outside of the normal scholastic curriculum that most educators will agree have become extremely important nowadays.  Pushing on one’s limits as well as managing to believe more in oneself were amongst the main aims behind the solo activities.  Group skills was also another one of the fundamental aims behind such a trip, not just during the activities, putting students in situations were they had to depend on others, give their very best at the same time and share resources intelligently for the activity to be a success.  Students were encouraged to be more responsible by being given certain liberty at the camp whilst at the same time being asked to follow certain camp rules.

Education through fun is the main aim at San Andrea School, where teachers and parents believe that the students own what they experience in a pleasurable manner.  Similar trips are purposely organised in this respect and further help the students to achieve in a fun environment the aims already mentioned.

All students enjoyed the trip immensely, with a good number showing an interest in a similar trip next year. As teachers, we couldn’t help but feel proud of, and pleased with, these students who attracted very encouraging positive comments from the camp leaders.

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Alex Bonavia & Elaine Bajada


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