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Interactive Open Day 2023

The theme chosen for this year is Transport. Each Grade has been thinking about the sub-topic they would like to tackle; aviation, road safety, transport in literature, sea transport etc., and coming up with interactive stations. 

This event is being supported by; The Malta Police Force, Agenzija Sapport, Heritage Malta, Civil Protection Department, Institute of Aerospace Technology and Transport Malta. 

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Outdoor Facilities Project

Friday 27th January 2023


We are pleased to announce that the recently set up sub-committee for Capital Projects, tasked with the overseeing of the design and reconstruction of the sports ground and running track area within our school has issued a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for architectural services as a first step to begin works on the new facilities for our children. We invite the members of our community to spread the word in order to encourage participation in this exercise. 

The new facility will comprise a multipurpose sports ground, running track and other sports  facilities to be enjoyed by our students. The selected architect(s) will be required to ensure the design is optimised according the the needs of the school and a final decision will only be taken after consultation with all stakeholders to ensure that the final result will be nothing less than the state of the art facilities that our school deserves. The School Principal and School Precincts Officer also form part of the sub-committee so as to ensure that the needs of the school are directly addressed.

The sub-committee shall ensure that adequate controls are in place at each phase of this project:  procurement and contractor evaluation and selection, financial estimates and cost control, stakeholder requirements, quality and safety plans.

The sub-committee is keen to ensure that the correct procedures and methodology are followed, whereby the aim is to have secured the services of an architect appointed within a few weeks. The School is well aware that the project to be undertaken is no small task, but it is committed to deliver the new facilities in the shortest period of time possible. The aim is to have the project completed before the beginning of the next scholastic year and the School, together with the sub-committee will work towards this aim with their best endeavours.

Any questions or suggestions to the Capital Projects Sub-Committee may be made via email on


In relation to RFQ / 01 / 2023 Architect Services For the design and reconstruction of the sports grounds and running track at San Andrea School l/o Mgarr a site visit will be held on the 6th of February at 9:30 am.

A. A copy of the ACAD file (.dwg) is being attached here

B. A reservoir already exists. This would need to be inspected by the winning bidder and incorporated in the project.

C. Track and ground to have a high level finish with specialised flooring according to applicable standards.

Click below for RFQ

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