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Early Sector

Creativity and making learning a fun experience are key objectives for our Early Sector, which caters for children in pre-nursery (age two) to Grade 3 (age six) in a safe, spacious and stimulating environment.

Children in Early Sector enjoy an education that recognises their individuality and need for all-round development. During their time in the Early Sector the children are not merely getting a glimpse of learning, but vital foundations for life-long learning are being laid. Learning at this stage has to be highly experiential, so ‘doing’ allows for more learning to take place. Within our school, emphasis is placed on creative and self-directed learning and on the development of various personal and social skills.

Children at San Andrea Early Sector are happy and motivated learners who achieve a great deal from our ‘hands-on’ practical approach. Our aim is to ensure that their love of learning is nurtured so that the children achieve their full potential.

Nursery and Grade 1

(3 and 4 year olds)

Also known as Kinder 1 and Kinder 2, here our aim is to stimulate curiosity and exploration by the creative use of resources provided through activities such as painting, crafts, cookery, role-play and more.
Learning opportunities are presented to the children which centre around the children’s interests through a project-based approach. We also promote a play-based approach since play is the key pedagogical means for effective learning and for continuous development in self-confidence while nurturing a positive attitude to life in a safe and caring environment. The Learning Outcome Framework* is used as a basis for all teaching and learning, and officially starts in the nursery classes, covering mostly Levels 1, 2 & 3 of the LOF in the pre-school years.
Needless to say, exposure to both English and Maltese is crucial in the pre-school years, as it is throughout the school being that San Andrea School promotes both languages equally.


Grade 2 and Grade 3

(5 and 6 year olds)

This is the start of compulsory schooling in Malta. All curriculum from Grade 2 onwards follows the National Curriculum Framework*:
- through a thematic/project-based approach which enables the teacher to deliver the content in an integrated manner, thus helping the children understand that learning is all connected and meaningful to their lives ;
- by giving opportunities to the children to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies through activities such as outings, art and craft, drama, songs, role play;
- through hands-on experimentation and exploration, whilst encouraging collaborative communication through discussions and group work;
- through mutual respect that promotes social, moral and spiritual values to help the children become model citizens.

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