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Senior Sector

Our ethos promotes a holistic education that prepares children for lifelong learning in an outstanding learning environment that enables them to achieve excellent results in school leaving certification examinations.


Grade 8 to Grade 12

(11 to 15 year olds)

Our students in the Senior sector are beginning to move towards the teenage years which is a time that is exciting as well as challenging for our children.
Following a programme in senior school that fully embraces academia and beyond leads the children who will leave San Andrea School as independent learners. Their enjoyment of studying a variety of subjects will be nurtured, harnessing their own curiosity, so that they are considered and collaborative in their approach to everything they do.


Senior School is built around departments namely the Sciences (Physics theory and practical room, Chemistry Laboratory, Biology Laboratory and Technology Room) and Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Environmental Studies, Religious Studies, Accounts, Economics, PSHE), Languages (Maltese, English, Italian and French), 2 ICT / Computer Studies Suites, Practical Subjects (Physical Education, Drama room, Art room & Home Economics Lab).  These departments serve the need of students between the ages of 11 and 16.

Image by Jessica Ruscello


The House system at San Andrea School consists of four Houses, House of Castile, House of Aragon, House of Provence and House of Auvergne. The House System started in scholastic year 2000-2001. The badges below represent each House.

Each House is controlled and monitored by its own House Master. The following are the House masters for scholastic year 2023-2024:

•  The House of Auvergne – Yellow – Ms. Bernice Schembri

•  The House of Castile – Blue – Mr. James Cuschieri

•  The House of Aragon – Green – Mr. Jean Paul Buttigieg

•  The House of Provence – Red – Ms. Rachel Lee Borg

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