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The curriculum at San Andrea School places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualised attention and support they need. In fact the curriculum is differentiated within the classroom to make sure that learning is scaffolded and that every child is reaching their full potential. Support is also offered both in and out of the classroom for children struggling in different areas of the curriculum. Children joining our school from other countries whose first language is not English are also offered ESL (English as a second language) sessions. Lessons in MFL (Maltese as a foreign language) are also offered to non-Maltese nationals. 

Department of Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Department of
Social and Emotional Wellbeing

At San Andrea School we promote diversity. It is critical that we understand the meaning of diversity and that we are a community. The inclusion and well-being of each and every student is a priority. Children are taught from a very young age to embrace difference, that each and every child has both strengths and challenges and that as a community we celebrate the strengths and help each other overcome the challenges. Children’s emotional well-being is observed closely and followed by the well-being team should the need arise. 
A counsellor is also available giving both children and staff members a safe space to open up and share anything troubling them. The well-being team also follows any cases of bullying and friendship issues which can have a negative effect on students. Two full-time nurses are always available. The medical history of each and every child is updated regularly and children with medical conditions are followed regularly.
As a team of professionals we work together to ensure a high quality education while creating a very positive environment as children’s happiness and safety are our priority.

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