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Takeaway Sandwiches


San Andrea School - Bistro

The San Andrea School Bistro run by Camilleri Caterers delivers freshly prepared food daily and raises awareness about minimising waste. The menus provide a delightful variety of food with wholesome and authentic hot lunch menu that changes daily on a ten-day cycle. (Menu will be changed depending on availability and demands).

Lunch Menu Daily

Day 1 - Penne with Fresh Tomato & Basil Sauce (V)

Day 2 - Grilled Pork Loin served with Honey Mustard Sauce, grilled veg and mash potatoes

Day 3 - Steamed Grouper with Garlic & Tomatoes, served with rice pilaff and peas

Day 4 - Grilled Chicken Drumsticks served with Roasted Potatoes and Vegetables

Day 5 - Stirfried Rice Noodles with vegetables and Hoisin Chicken

Day 6 - Beef Stroganoff on Rice

Day 7 - Mac and Cheese (V)

Day 8 - Chicken Korma and Pilaf Rice

Day 9 - Pulled Pork Bun with Cheese served with Potato Wedges

Day 10 - Baked Fish Fillet served with Rice pilaff & Buttered Spinach


The selection at the Bistro caters for various dietary requirements. A peanut and tree nut free policy is followed as well as options for Vegetarian and Vegan choices. Gluten and Lactose free Diets, and Halal observants. Students must inform the Bistro attendant about any dietary requirements to be assisted accordingly.

The online shop is available for your convenience, offering a secure and convenient pre-ordering option available up to 8 hours before the day. Kindly follow the link below to register and view the menu which also includes nutritional information. For new users, please register once here:

Once registered, just login to order by clicking the button below:

Benefit from a 10% discount on Birthday Cakes or Cupcakes which can be collected directly from San Andrea Bistro by pre-ordering with the Bistro Attendant or via email. A 10% discount also applies to food ordered for parties hosted in your homes.


For more information, you may visit the Camilleri Caterers online shop (link above), place your order directly at the Diner or via email.

You are welcome to contact Camilleri Caterers via email on for further information about their food choices, pre-bookings and/or communicate your child’s dietary requirements.

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